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whole kids foundation toby johnson
whole kids foundation toby johnson
whole kids foundation toby johnson

“Whole Kids Foundation is on a mission to improve children’s nutrition by inspiring, educating and empowering kids to make better food choices.

We do this in three ways: by providing school garden grants, funding salad bar equipment and training, and sharing cooking and nutrition education with teachers.

These are simple things that have a huge impact on kids. To assist in our efforts, we collaborate with like-minded partners to create long lasting relationships for change.

We present clear goals, have structure in place to measure our progress and chart our course based on those results.”

Whole Kids Foundation has a passion
for improving children’s nutrition.

We know that by educating, inspiring and empowering kids, their families and their communities, we can transform this generation’s eating habits, and ignite future generations with the knowledge that kids make good choices when they have good choices.


  • Kids: We provide hands-on activities that help start healthy conversations.
  • Parents: Our website shows parents how to prepare, share and enjoy veggies and fruits at home.
  • Teachers: We inspire teachers with healthy, affordable, cooking techniques, basic nutrition education, and practical, convenient tips.
  • Communities: We offer friendly, accessible, free online opportunities for further education for all.
  • Sponsors: We educate our sponsors about the impact and importance of our work that they support.


  • Through our message: We use positive messaging to inspire change.
  • With our families: We encourage everyone to make small changes for long-term results – like eating a rainbow, eating greens first, eating as close to nature as possible.
  • Through our communication tools: Our website and education outreach explains the concept of healthy eating and highlights small changes for big nutritional impact.
  • With communities: We start healthy conversations with kids, parents and educators that lead to simple, real change.


  • Kids: We help kids understand where their food comes from and why whole, healthy foods are better for them and offer nutritious choices with school salad bars.
  • Parents: By starting with positive changes in the way kids experience food at school, we support the healthier changes parents make at home.
  • Schools: We support schools making positive changes in the way they talk about food and feed their kids through gardens, salad bars and healthy teachers.

    • Kids: We encourage hands-on involvement to create their own positive change.
    • Schools: We give grants to support schools in their quest to build gardens.
    • School Districts: We provide salad bar equipment and the training to enable a school to successfully implement a salad bar to increase access and consumption of fresh, nutritious, whole foods.
    • Stores: We partner with WFM stores to provide in-store events that allow us to showcase what we’ve done in a local community to encourage more opportunities and involvement.
    • Sponsors: We engage companies with like-minded passion for making a change in the health and future of kids.

    Make a donation in honor of Toby Johnson.

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